Young people don't have to join the military to learn valuable skills, find adventure, pay for college or serve others.
Volunteers at the Work-a-thon for Peace & Social Justice, an annual community service activity co-sponsored by Project YANO.
Students line up at our table to play our Leaders of Social Change history game.
As a member of the Education Not Arms Coalition, Project YANO helped draft a landmark policy that regulates recruiting in San Diego high schools.
Our display at a high school career fair.
Afghanistan war vet Juan Perez speaks to students in a classroom.
Project YANO interviewed on NPR's Latino USA radio program.
Project YANO at a high school assembly.
With Project YANO's support, students organized to remove JROTC rifle ranges from 11 San Diego schools.
High school students learning about non-military alternatives for college financial aid, job training and careers in social change.

ribbon-icon-sqWho We Serve

Project YANO primarily serves young people who are looking for job training, wish to go to college or want to make a difference in other people's lives -- but they might not see enough opportunities to pursue these goals. We also work with educators and others who advise young people, and we support youths who are using activism to change their lives, their communities and the larger world they are part of. Learn More 

Education Not Militarization - Why the Need for Project YANO

globe-icon-sqWays to Actively Help

There are many ways that you can play a role in the work that we do. Project YANO relies on military veterans, students, parents, educators and others who contribute their time giving presentations to young people, doing school outreach, raising funds, and planning actions. These activities are ways that you can help us make a difference in the lives of many young people. Learn More

info-icon-sqHow YANO is Funded

Project YANO relies on the support of individuals and community groups for 80% of its annual budget. Occasional foundation support brings in the remaining income required to fund Project YANO's community outreach, production of materials, and support for youth activism and empowerment.  Learn More

"While researching the issue of military outreach to Latino youth, I came across your website and was impressed by its content and community educational outreach.... Thank you for the work your organization does." Marisa A.

To Our Community

Project YANO’s core mission has been to educate youth, especially low-income students and students of color, on the effects of militarism in our schools, our streets, and our country.

As protesters take to the street to call for justice for Black Lives Matter, we witness police dressed in riot gear brutalizing our communities. Protesters are not the problem and the police are not the solution. We cannot continue to equip the police with military-grade equipment. It leads to further police brutality. Bringing in the National Guard is not the answer, it only further antagonizes the situation, which leads to an escalation of violence, and is why we oppose militarism in communities.

We are well aware that there is a lot of pain as we mourn the murder of George Floyd and countless others. We want to see justice and progress in this world. We also know it starts with each and every one of us. Project YANO stands in solidarity with all those protesting white supremacy and state violence. We will continue to emphasize education and counter the influence of the military and militarism on our youth.

We are currently working on an analysis of JROTC textbooks, a program that has been utilized by the military as a recruitment tool in our high schools. In addition, we understand we have a stake in removing police from schools. Their presence normalizes criminalization of youth.

Contract us to get involved in Project YANO’s work.

With Peace and Love,

Project YANO

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Project YANO works to inform youths, their parents, teachers and the general community about opportunities for a future without joining the military. Find out more about our programs and community outreach:

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