There are many ways you can actively assist with our work.

If you live in our home region of San Diego County:

You can help with activities like the following -

  • Speak in classrooms and to youth groups (training provided).
  • Staff displays at school career fairs (training provided).
  • Assist with translation of literature.
  • Staff informational booths at community events.
  • Help with bulk mailings (mostly done in North County).
  • Attend monthly meetings to help plan activities.
  • Organize fundraisers, including our annual Work-a-thon for Peace & Social Justice. Or join the Peace on Earth Carolers, who raise money for us by singing holiday carols in December.
  • Monitor school board agendas and/or attend board meetings.
  • Help recruit other volunteers.


Note to young people-

Your advice and input is greatly valued by our organization, which is why we have students on our board of trustees. For those who have school requirements for community service, you can count toward that the hours you volunteer with us. Also, we sometimes have internship openings for college students.



Note to military veterans-

Your experience gives you a unique opportunity to help young people make educated decisions about joining the military. They need to hear from you the things that they won't hear from a recruiter or in armed forces ads.



To volunteer in San Diego County, please complete our online volunteer form.


For those outside of San Diego County:
Contact us to find out if there are similar groups near you that you can join. If there aren't, we can give you information on starting up a project like ours in your own community.

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